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Suggestion: Multiple Predefined File/Directory filters

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  • Suggestion: Multiple Predefined File/Directory filters

    This has probably already been suggested but I could not find it.

    I use BC to work across multiple branches in our SCM system.
    I am currently going through an exercise of restructuring the directory structure. This requires me to edit over 70 sesssions, which are comprised of about 10 basic types of comparisons just pointed to different directories. It would be nice if I could reuse the file filters as a set/group. Then for each type of comparison I would only need to edit the comparison in a common place.

    I imaging this could be done in two ways.
    Package all directory exclusions/inclusions and file exclusions/inclusions into one named filter.
    A Named directory exclsuion
    A Named directory inclusion
    A Named file exclusion
    A Named file inclusion
    Would be in one filter set that can be associated with a session.

    The other is to created 4 types of filters:
    A Named directory exclsuion filter set
    A Named directory inclusion filter set
    A Named file exclusion filter set
    A Named file inclusion filter set

    This last option whiile more disjoint could make tracking down interactions between named filters and the standard locally defined single dir/file filters easier to track down.

    Each session could be associated with multiple named filter sets

    If small enough filter sets are defined then they could be combined.

    One good use case is to setup standard filters for subversion directories and for your favorite IDE and package these as a standard filter set, that can be reused across different directory structures.

    Note this is a more modest proposal than I had previously suggested that each session be allowed to be relative and merely be repointed to a new base directory.