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Wish List: UI Control Over Where Files Stored

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  • Wish List: UI Control Over Where Files Stored

    I've owned BC for every bit of two hours now..... -)

    One thing that jumps out at me is that I have to edit the registry to change where the app stores it's files.

    Maybe it's just me, but I think in terms of a "System" drive and "Data" drives.

    The idea being that I keep a known good image of my system and should be able to re-image my system at the drop of a hat without losing any data.

    Anybody who has kids banging on their box a few hours every day will understand.

    BC's "Sessions" and other parms are Data.

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    Beyond Compare follows Windows standards. Settings are stored under your user profile folder (c:\documents and settings\username or c:\users\username) in "%appdata%\scooter software\beyond compare 3\". If you configure Windows to store your user profile on a different drive, then Beyond Compare will store its settings there.

    Here's a Microsoft Article that describes how to relocate the user profile directory on Windows XP, note that I haven't tried it myself:
    Chris K Scooter Software