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  • Filtering and sorting

    I've a data file that I'm reconciling. The reconciliation is fine, but there are rows that are totals and subtotals.

    When a data item is wrong, the totals will also be wrong. So, in order to check that the reports are the same, I just need to concentrate on the data items and not the totals. However, I can't see a way of filtering them out.

    Now if I could filter out all rows that have 'Total' in column 1, (as an example), I get refine the problem down.

    I can't see a way of doing this. Is it possible, and if not can it be added to a future release.

    Likewise I can't see a way of sorting by column in a data reconcilation by clicking on the column heads.

    i.e. If I click on a column head and sort, it them becomes possible to check columns that contain category information if it is that particular category that is causing breaks to appear.


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    In the Data Compare's Session Settings, you can select individual rows and remove them from the comparison. You can also use display filters to hide Different rows or Equal rows. If your SubTotal and Totals were in different columns, you could mark the SubTotal column as important/standard, and the Total column as Unimportant. As an Unimportant column, any differences could be ignored and then hidden.
    We do not currently have a method of removing rows based on a criteria such as a specific string ("Total").

    We are always interested in gathering example files from customers using our Data Compare. If you are interested, please email a pair into [email protected] along with a link to this forum post.
    Aaron P Scooter Software


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      Can't send it, as it is confidential.


      In the end, I changed the spec to remove the subtotals.! :-)

      I'll play with display filters.