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.EML messages are misshandled by BC3

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  • .EML messages are misshandled by BC3

    I would like to save email messages directly to disk from my email programs at home and work, and then copy them from one location to the other so that I have a complete record of the messages I save in both locations, but BC3 miss-handles them.

    For some reason, the dates of .eml files are changed by BC3 in the process of comparing directories between what is on the hard drive of the machine I am using and on the thumb drive.

    Without selecting any of the .eml files on the thumb drive or the hard disk I am comparing the thumb drive to, the dates of the .eml files on the hard disk are changed to the current date and time. Consequently, BC3 reports that every file on the thumb drive needs to be updated when in fact the file has not changed at all in weeks or months.

    The only way around this I have found is to get rid of the .eml extension by changing it to something else. such as .txt. But for most emails this trasnformation also requires copying the text of the email into the renamed file, or I may not be able to read it, as when the format of the original message is html. When I do this, the problem of changing dates obviosulyl never occurs again for the copied message but it is no longer an .eml file and I have no way of reading it without using a text editor.

    How can I stop this changing of the dates of .eml files when they are simply on a drive that BC is reading and are never even selected or in any other way activated?

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    Running a default Folder Comparison, comparing timestamp and size, in BC3 does not update or open any of the files present in the two base folders.

    Are your .eml files still in their original location and used by your email client? Often programs such as Outlook will update the Last Modified date when it reads from files, even if the content inside has not changed. Which version of Outlook are you currently using? When you run BC3, we will show any files with a newer timestamp as different by default, but that does not mean BC3 actually changed the timestamp.

    Which dates does My Computer or Windows Explorer show for your .eml files? Do they only update when opened in Beyond Compare?
    Aaron P Scooter Software