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  • Feature Request: Win7 Progress Bar

    Often times I will use Beyond Compare to copy dev files up to the server. It's a process I do about a million times a day. I wait for the files to be copied to the server and then I hit refresh in the browser to see the affect of my latest changes.

    Currently I have to stay in Beyond Compare until the copy is done and then I can switch to my browser to hit refresh. I wish that I could switch immediately to my browser and then watch the progress of BC's file copy in the Windows 7 task bar icon. I know that it's possible to have many file copy operations going on at once in BC, so I suppose the overall progress would be the task that has the furthest to go.


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    BC displays percentage complete in the Window title, which works for other versions of Windows. I'll add task bar progress bars for Windows 7 to our wish list for a future version of BC. Thanks for the suggestion.
    Chris K Scooter Software


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      Hi Jeremy,

      There is a checkbox in the "Tools -> Options... -> Folder Views -> Confirmations" dialog called Beep after long file operations.

      I have not yet tried myself, but maybe this helps in your workflow?