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Hard crash on Win7 32bit using v3.2.1 build 12831

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  • Hard crash on Win7 32bit using v3.2.1 build 12831

    When comparing two json files on my Win7 machine the entire machine freezes which requires a hard reset. I've tried to compare the 2 files twice and each time it's resulted in the freeze. I know this is likely NOT BCs fault but so far it's the only app that has caused a crash since last Nov 2009....

    Most compares with BC work fine, but occasionally it causes a freeze.

    I've looked in the event viewer and nothing of interest jumps out.
    I'm up to date with my Windows updates (ran this morning after the first crash).

    Is there any logging in BC I could enable that may help isolate the problem? Or any other ideas.


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    BC shouldn't be able to hang your whole machine by itself. If the whole machine is hanging, it might be due to a bad driver. Updating drivers on your system, from Windows update or from hardware manufacturers might help.

    Also, how large are the json files? Where are they located (local disk, network drive, ftp server)?

    There probably isn't any extra logging you can turn on in BC to help track this down. If BC crashes, it does provide crash reporting, but if it's just hanging then it won't trigger the crash reporting feature.
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      Yeah I figured but thought I would ask. Like I said, BC is the only thing that triggers the crash...

      The files are small, 1.5MB local file system.


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        Other than updating drivers and checking the event log, I don't have any other good ideas. Sorry.
        Chris K Scooter Software