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Compare and copy based on file size?

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  • Compare and copy based on file size?

    I would like to compare folders and then overright the files on the right with the files on the left IF:
    1) The file does not exist on the right
    2) The file on the left is larger in size (only criteria) than file on right

    Can someone please explain how I would set this up?

    Thanks in advance for your help.

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    BC3 does not support comparing and copying the larger file. Currently, if you compare timestamps, files can be Newer or Older. Size, CRC, Binary, and Rules-based mark the files as having "different" content (which can then also be newer or older).

    Could you go into more detail on your current scenario? If a file is updated with additional content, would the timestamp also be newer?

    If needed, you can look at the size column and manually copy the larger file. Simply set your criteria (Session menu -> Session Settings) to Size and show Only Different and Left Orphan files with your Display Filters (upper left toolbar). Copy over the Left Orphans and then look through the remaining files.
    Aaron P Scooter Software