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Beta3.2.1 Display Filters Toggle view

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  • Aaron

    If you right-click on the Display Filter buttons (Show All, Show Same, Show Differences), you should see a menu pop-up, allowing you to pick Toggles as your type.

    To set as a default, open a new, blank Compare window, and set it to toggles. Which session type are you currently using?

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  • kcalman
    started a topic Beta3.2.1 Display Filters Toggle view

    Beta3.2.1 Display Filters Toggle view

    I prefer to use the "Toggles" layout for selecting display filters. I used to be able to set this as the default with setting under "View" from the comparison view, which in Beta 3.2.1 appears to be gone. The help must not be up to date as it says:
    Right-click on the toolbar to pick one of three built-in ways to show display filters on the toolbar: DropDown, Favorites or Toggles. Or, use Tools > Customize Commands to create your own custom layout.
    I don't see any such options in the beta. How do I set toggle view to be default?