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  • [REQ] automatic align

    Can there be a feature that automatically finds the best matching alignment?
    E.g. If you are on the line "void Hello()" on the left side and press F7 twice or so, it will find that same line on the right side and align it?
    Right now, you'd have to manually search it on the right side, scrolling the left side piece out of view again.

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    By default, we already try to find the "best" match. This is configurable, and if you go to the Session menu -> Session Settings' Alignment tab, you can change different tolerance options to tweak this behavior.

    If you are looking for exact match behavior, that is one of the options available.

    Would this option be useful for you if it tried to find the "2nd best" or an exact match when exact match is disabled?
    Aaron P Scooter Software


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      I actually mean when the order of functions are completely different.
      e.g. when moving function A to the bottom of the file, the order becomes B C D A.
      When comparing, it would look like this:
      A | -
      B | B
      C | C
      D | D
      - | A
      But when you want to align function A, there's no other way than manually scrolling down to the bottom to select the right side of A.
      Of course, the next suggestion would be to automatically match all functions, but that would require language specific knowledge. (could look at indentation level though)
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        Thanks for the example. More detailed method alignment is something on our wishlist.

        In the meantime, we do have one other feature that may be useful to you for comparing Method A. Select the entire method on the left side and Copy To Clipboard (right click and Copy or Ctrl+C), then select the entire method on the right side, right click, and select Compare to Clipboard. This will open a new tab in BC3 comparing the just those two methods to each other.

        Otherwise, to compare two methods in unsorted files, you would need to run a sorting external conversion, an example of which can be found here:
        Aaron P Scooter Software