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Saved sessions issue - v3.2.2 Build 13000

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  • Saved sessions issue - v3.2.2 Build 13000

    GDay All,

    After updating to v3.2.2 Build 13000 I have an issue where my saved sessions are not honoring the sync preset. Double clicking on a saved session opens that session but the sync preset defaults to custom every time.

    I deleted all the config files (C:\Users\****\AppData\Roaming\Scooter Software\Beyond Compare 3) and re-imported my saved sessions to no avail. I also tried reinstalling, no go.

    Windows 7 Professional.

    Anyone got any clues why this is happening?

    Is it a bug?

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    Yes, it's a bug, and we should have a fix out soon. Upgrade to 3.2.3 though, for a related fix. As of 3.2.3 it's a visual glitch only; the sync commands are all used correctly, but it isn't detecting whether it's a preset or custom sync type when it updates the combobox.
    Zoë P Scooter Software


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      Craig, Thanks, I was thinking that perhaps it was an issue with my Windows/BC installation rather than a bug in BC, but you have confirmed that it's a bug

      I've updated to 3.2.3 and the sync settings are not being honored at all. It appears that when I updated, all my sync settings in my saved sessions have reverted to 'custom', same as last time

      I deleted my saved sessions and re-imported them and all the sync settings revert to 'Custom'.
      after changing the sync settings and re-saving my sessions all seems to work as expected.

      I'll be waiting for 3.2.4
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        While displaying as Custom, the settings inside (Session menu -> Session Settings -> Sync tab) should have been preserved.

        We'll try to get 3.2.4 out shortly to help make this more clear.
        Aaron P Scooter Software