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How do I synchronize 1 To?

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  • How do I synchronize 1 To?


    I want to synchronize my hard disk with another (backup). The problem is that the size of the disk is about ~1 To.

    The syncrhonize process is very long (one more day). Is it possible to reduce this time?

    Thanks by advance.

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    Use a faster connection (I assume you are using a USB2 backup disk).

    I made a backup a few days ago from USB2 old backup disk to a new USB3 disk which took about 20 hours, limited by the old USB2 disk. My only reason to change was the limited speed of the USB2 connection.

    Transferring data from internal SATA to USB3 disk would be about 4 times faster in my case (just tested with 18GB in 400s = 45MB/s).

    Alternatives may be Firewire- or eSATA-connections but I have no experience with them.

    Greetings Lutz


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      It's not clear whether they delay is due to copying lots of files or if BC3 is taking ages to work out which files need copying/deleteing.

      Which is it?


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        You should see similar performance if you use My Computer or Windows Explorer to perform the copy. If Beyond Compare is performing a content comparison on top of that, it would add to the length. Are you running a CRC, Binary, or Rules-based comparison on the 1TB of data, or have the CRC column visible? These options would greatly slow down loading the session when compared to just copying data.
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