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  • orphans

    Hi all. I have a mess where one of my users was writing data in the wrong place and I am using BC to synch everything up. My boss has asked me for an explaination of orphans compared to files only on the left in the reports. Can anyone point me to the orphan definition in a manual or faq? Thanks, John...

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    Hello griz,

    Orphan files are files that have not been aligned on the other side due to a match not being present in the same folder structure and having the same file name.

    BC3 has the option to Ignore Folder Structure, aligning files based only on name, but this does not run a comparison before aligning files. Files must have unique names, and any duplicated names may not be matched as the expected pair. For example, if there are several Readme.txt files in each directory, they may align to each other. You would need to verify manually.

    For Help file reference, you can go to the Help menu -> Contents (F1), Using Beyond Compare -> Folder Compare -> Understanding the Folder Compare Display and other articles in this section.

    If you have any questions, please let us know.
    Aaron P Scooter Software