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  • Localization of standard dialogs

    Merry X-Mas and a Happy New Year to all forum users
    and of course
    to the awesome Scooter team,
    that did such a great job for the past years
    and I'm sure
    they will do in future!

    My question (probably the last this year) now is:

    I installed the german version on german W7Pro64 and change to english UI for forum purposes by deleting as needed.

    I just did some tests while answering at Português Brasileiro-Forum and noticed, that at least the dialog "Save as" is of mixed language (german/english). Only the title and two options (Encoding, Line ending style) are in english.

    1. I assume you extended a standard Windows dialog?

    2. Is it possible for interested users to download other translations (i. e., perhaps help-files, too) to switch UI language by themselves as needed?

    I don't think someone needs on-the-fly change of UI language (as TheBat! provides, but I never used it).
    Only a switch original (english)/local (german) would give me more performance.
    For now I created two bat-files to rename/copy tr/chm-files and calling BC. Calling is very simple by Win-Start/bcd/enter or Win-Start/bce/enter (W7), but I have to close and reopen BC, which can take some time.

    Greetings Lutz

    PS1: Have you ever thought of a lifetime license (as UltraEdit does)?
    PS2: Is it possible to activate PNs in this forum?

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    Thanks for the well wishes.

    1) Yes, we're using the Windows dialog as the base. With some hacking it might be possible to translate everything else too, but it would probably be fragile, and I don't think it will work once we start supporting the new Vista+ dialogs.

    2) Just download each of the localized installers and do a portable install. You can either copy the .tr and .chm from there and delete the rest, or delete BCState.xml and run them independently. As long as BCState.xml doesn't exist they'll all share settings.

    Aside from translators, switching UI languages is a pretty limited use case. We definitely appreciate your extra effort to help other customers, but I don't think we'll add such a feature soon. If you do use separate portable installs though, you don't need to close your existing instance to start the new one. The single-instance behavior is tied to the exe path, and it is safe to run multiple instances at once.

    PS1) No, but I think we're competitive anyway. IDM churns out new major versions of UltraEdit/UltraCompare every year, so the 3x pricing pays for itself pretty quickly. We tend to put a lot into minor versions, and go a lot longer between major versions. That, coupled with the half-price upgrade pricing stretches things out a lot. Even if we dropped our major release timing to every 18-24 months you'd still go almost a decade before they were price equivalent.

    PS2) What are PNs?
    Zoë P Scooter Software


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      Merry Christmas, Lutz!

      Originally posted by Lutz View Post
      PS2: Is it possible to activate PNs in this forum?
      Do you mean Private Messages? We had them enabled originally, but we didn't monitor them and the very few that we received here were neglected for a long time.
      Tim T Scooter Software