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Generates a file difference report

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  • Generates a file difference report

    I have been using BC3 version 3.1.7 (build 10865) for a while now and was wondering if there is a way to generate a text/html file that logs the differences that you have made throughout your session - sort of like a change report of some type. It is tedious for a programmer like me to keep opening a text editor and write down all the changes I make once I make a software revision. If there is a way to do it in BC3 then please let me know, as I have been looking and have not found luck this far.

    Please respond with detailed help on how to do it, if possible. If not please recommend something that can do it.

    If I posted in the wrong place then please forgive me. Thanks in advance for all the help that anyone can give me.

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    If this is the Folder Compare session, you can enable various logging options to track where files have been moved, copied, etc, in the Tools menu -> Options dialog, under the Folder Views -> Log section. Here you can enable various different messages (or all of them) and a location to automatically save a log. You can also right click in the log pane at any time to save the current display to a file.

    If this is the Text Compare, we do not have a method of logging the changes you have made. You can generate a report of any differences between the files using the Session menu -> Text Comparison Report. If you have any questions about the different report types you can generate, just let us know.

    Also, all BC3.x updates are free for 3.x users. You can update to the latest release for free (3.2.3) from the Help menu -> Check for Updates, or from our Download page.
    Aaron P Scooter Software