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  • Shifted hex details

    The header is possibly a little strange, but if you look at the attached screen captures, I hope you can see what's puzzling me.

    In the before capture, there's no doubt about the fact that the EVALUATE TRUE text seems to be aligned in the same columns. At the same time, look at the marked hex details below where one line is shifted one character. In the second capture, I clicked on the green arrow in the hex area to copy the line across. Now the lines are aligned in the hex details, but they AREN'T in the actual file contents.

    Is there some simple explanation ??

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    Hex details shows the raw bytes of lines on each side. The codepage used on each side affects the number of bytes per character.

    Aligned details, introduced in 3.2, allows you to see the character alignment.

    Erik Scooter Software


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      Thanks Erik

      I am running 3.2.3 - as you say, aligned details shows the code aligned as expected.


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        Aligned details shows you how the alignment is working character by character. It is still aligned that way when disabled, this just displays the same information in a slightly different way.

        Is everything working well, or do you have any questions about the interface or your alignment still?
        Aaron P Scooter Software


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          Sorry Aaron - slow to get back to you. Everything is working as expected. Thank you for the explanation