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Can I disable the "Save Changes?" popup?

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  • Can I disable the "Save Changes?" popup?

    I am using BC 3.2.3 on Windows XP. I am using Text Compare & Folder Compare and never ever, ever, ever .... ever want to save changes. Is there a setting to disable the "Save Changes?" popup?
    I've looked through the settings in 'options' (ctrl,shft,t too), browsed /help, watched a couple videos but have not found how to disable the popup.

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    To keep BC from prompting to save session changes open the Home View (Session->New Tab) select the session, and click the "Lock" button below the property sheets on the right.

    If you don't want to save changes to files the only way to avoid that is to disable editing entirely. There isn't a way to globally do that, but you can change your shortcut to pass /ro (read-only) on the command line. Use Ctrl+Shift+T to open the Tweaks dialog and you can add the same thing to the "Explorer Integration" edit to make the Explorer menu items pass it too.
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      Thanks again, I'll give it a try.