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How to Synchronize 1 folder with multiple folders (in 1 job)

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  • How to Synchronize 1 folder with multiple folders (in 1 job)

    Say, I have one sourcefolder and want to synchronize that with 2 (or more) backup folders on backup drives.

    Instead of creating different jobs and run them separately, is there an easy way to combine this in 1 job?


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    Are you looking for an automated task or GUI method? Both can be similarly done with two Copy To Folder Commands. You can select the Source files needed (Newer and Orphan), and then perform two Copy To Folder commands on different destinations, as long as you are certain that both destinations are identical and you do not need to re-compare.
    Aaron P Scooter Software


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      Hello again,
      preferrably a GUI solution.

      My starting point is as below

      Oops, sorry for the big image ...!



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        Sounds like an n-Folder Compare/n-Folder Sync task (I only remember a little about discussing this on early cirrus days/private beta).
        I don't know if it's scheduled, but I'm shure it's on the wishlist.
        Maybe we get this in BC4.

        It's not possible to compare a base folder to more than one other base folder at the same time. So neither in the GUI nor in a script it's possible to sync two or more destinations from one source.

        Aarons workaround using CopyTo only gives the possibility to copy newer/different/orphan files from source to a destination (like Sync/Update, but not Sync/Mirror does).

        Greetings Lutz


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          Thanks a lot.

          Then I donot need to look further at this moment. Maybe one time in future, it will be possible to...

          a) select 1 destination folder, click on a button, then horizontal split of the destination window panel, allowing to browse/add another destinationfolder, click on button, again split (upto 3, or so)

          b) create 3 different jobs (3 is just an example) then, click on a kind of combine button, jobs will be combined into 1 run

          Just an idea.

          Definitely no criticisme...!


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            Thanks for the suggestions, bcdewul. I'll add the notes to our Customer Wishlist items on the subject.
            Aaron P Scooter Software


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              Thanks a lot!

              One last remark/idea/suggestion, should... the idea end up at the desk of the developer - maybe he/she cud consider to select folders as per below.

              Anyway, it is now upto you guys


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                I've added your example pic to our notes. Thanks for making that mock-up.
                Aaron P Scooter Software