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Exit conversion for specific FTP matches

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    This is why I asked for exact instructions.

    To repeat. I navigated to MY c:\program files\Beyond Compare 3 and exported this to the USB stick.
    I then went to my colleague's machine and navigated to HIS %AppData% directory and exported 5-6 (?) xml files to the stick.

    I then started BC from the Beyond Compare 3 folder on the stick and received the results I outlined above.

    As mentioned earlier, my BC is 3.2.3, build 13046, his is 3.0.15 build 9758.

    Is there anything else I should be doing ????


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      Have zipped the directories from the stick

      and sent them to you offline


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        Tried another user's machine. They are on 3.0.15, build 9758.

        I'll attach screen captures showing exactly the same file format and masks and showing how their version of BC automatically chooses the correct file format whereas mine never does.

        One small difference I can see between here layout and mine is that her "filename" (in the green area) is shown as 'misi01.boka.cobol.boka0010' whereas mine is shown as 'misi01.boka.cobol'/boka0010 - don't know if that's just a coincidence


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          I believe you received an earlier email on the 27th that suggested to "Try adding an extra "\*" to the end of your paths."

          So you should end up with something like:

          How does that work for you?
          Aaron P Scooter Software


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            My apologies Aaron

            I must have missed that note (or tried it and forgot to append the results).

            Long and the short of it - it "didn't" work (I say that reservedly, based on a possible misunderstanding as detailed just below)

            However ...... (not sure if there was a misunderstanding between us), but the following finally seemed to work.

            Open the session with the following folder names

            ftp://[email protected]/'' (note the quotes surrounding the mainframe PDS filename)
            Now change the file format to be

            note the trailing *\* and the lack of a trailing closing quote.