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Feature Request: backup old files

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  • Feature Request: backup old files

    I know, I know.. I have brought this up earlier...
    see: backup old version before synchronizing

    but maybe I have a solution.

    In case of using mirror-option (under synchronizing) e.g. from left to right, the files on the right side, not existing on the left will be deleted. They end up in the dustbin. Risk of the dustbin being emptied automatically or by accident is there.

    What about below...

    When deleting, actually the files are moved to a backup folder, so at least a backup is available should something go wrong or the wrong files were deleted or so.
    This way backups can be saved over a longer period of time, contrary to the dustbin.

    There are options to backup files in case of copy or save. Maybe it is, technically, not such a big issue to have a backup in case of delete?

    Personally I think this idea is quite okay.

    But, eh .. maybe I am the only one...
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    Thanks for the suggestion. Expanding on our backup capabilities is on our Customer Wishlist, and I've added your suggestion to that entry.
    Aaron P Scooter Software