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    Just got an Archos 5H internet tablet (500GB music player) and I would like to use BC to maintain my music on it. However it is an MTP player and shows up as that instead of a disk drive in windows explorer. Windows explorer handles it just like a disk drive, but BC doesn't see it. Will MTP support be added to BC? Alternatively has anyone been able to use BC with the Archos 5H?

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    Beyond Compare 3 does not currently support connecting to devices over MTP. We have a KB article that goes into a bit more detail when working with PDAs here:

    If you can bind it to a drive letter or access it over FTP, then BC3 should be able to access the device.
    Aaron P Scooter Software


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      Aaron, I don't think that solution for Windows Mobile is applicable to MTP.


      1) Three years ago Scooter Software wrote:

      "Adding support (BC2 or BC3) for devices like this is on our wishlist."

      2) I have searched hard and found no workaround that gets BC usable on MTP devices.

      3) I'd guess that the Archos 5H has an MSC mode. BC does work with MSC here.
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        I have the same problem with my Creative Zen Vision:M. I've tried Device Manager > Update Driver Software > USB Mass Storage Device to escape MTP hell, but it's not an option. We're counting on you, Team Scooter!