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Permission settings?

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  • Aaron

    You can setup a saved session with a 'Read-Only' status set (in the Folder Compare's Session Settings dialog.) Users could potentially change this option but they would have to do so manually.

    Alternatively, BC3's copy settings use the current Windows User account's settings. If the current user is denied write access through permissions, then BC3 would not be able to copy it either. So if the file can be read but not copied in My Computer/Windows Explorer, then the same behavior should be seen in BC3 as well.

    You can fully test this and any other settings with our BC3 trial before a purchase. Our trial is fully featured with a days-of-use timelimit.

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  • b-707
    started a topic Permission settings?

    Permission settings?

    Hello. we are thinking of purchasing BC (about 20 licenses, may be a bit more). We are absolutely like the way BC work with file comparisson. But here is the question: may be 10 of our people will have permission to actually sync folders. The rest just have to see and analyze differences. We are absolutely don't want those people have the ability to sync. Is this possible with BC?