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how to generate detailed compare report?

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  • how to generate detailed compare report?

    Hi there,

    Here i got a situation, i have hundreds of files and folders to compare, and i need to list out all the differences in content so i can to put some comments for every differences.

    So can BC generate a report including all differences in the content for each file?
    file name 1 <->file name 1
    content differneces.....
    file name 2 <->file name 2
    content differneces.....
    file name ... <->file name ...
    content differneces.....


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    Yes. This would involve setting up a Folder Compare session, having it run a rules-based comparison to find and mark your files as different, and then selecting those files and generating a File Comparison Report.

    Our trial is fully features, so please feel free to try this before purchase to make sure it works in your specific scenario:

    Load a new Folder Compare session.
    Go to the Session menu -> Session Settings -> Comparison tab, enable the Rules-based content comparison (leave other settings alone.)
    Load your folders and let the scan populate the center column with the rules-based results.
    Use the Edit menu -> Expand All to expose all files in all subfolders
    Use the Edit menu -> Select All Files to select just files and not folders.
    Use the Actions menu -> File Comparison Report to launch the File Compare Report dialog.
    In this dialog, be sure to change the Report options from All to Differences. You can try out the various report layouts as well.

    Let us know if you have any questions.
    Aaron P Scooter Software