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  • Select rectangular text area using Alt+mouse


    I hope I'm writing to correct forum section, if not, please move my post.

    Many text editors and viewers, incl. Visual Studio code editor and Notepad++ make it possible to select rectangular text area by holding down the Alt key and using the mouse the ordinary way. I think this would be also nice to have in BC. In some cases this feature is extremely useful. For example, I'm updating code documentation (MS Word file) with recent code changes, e. g. opening the source code folders in BC folder compare session. I often need to copy the comments above a function prototype to the Word document. In comments there's often some ballast at the beginning of lines (stars, category names, etc.) which could be nicely left out of my selection this way.

    Do you ever plan to include such feature, or is it already there, somehow hidden?


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    @Scooter: In Notepad++ you hold Ctrl+Alt then click and drag. It is a "column-mode" copy. If you support column-mode copies, you should also support column-mode pastes. Pasting a column-mode copy will replace a rectangular block of text at the cursor position that has the same dimensions as the copied text. Usually, if your paste extends past the end of the file, the space to the left of the pasted text is padded with spaces.
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      Yeah, that's what I meant. In my case it also works with Alt key (not Ctrl+Alt) in Notepad++.


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        Thanks for the info, Michael and Ondrejandrej. I'll add this to our Customer Wishlist.
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          This is a top feature in my wishlist.