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    I'm either seeing a bug in block align or a WABD (working as badly designed )

    I'll attach 2 files for comparison. Compare them (old first, then new) and scroll down to line 288 in the new file (should be TRACE_TEXT BOKAP413-MEDDELANDETEXT [2,6] ! !)

    Mark this line and those below it to (say) the [2,14] line and right-click and choose "align with". You should see a turquoise bar to the left of these lines (indicating they're marked ?).

    Now scroll up on the left-hand side to line 288, right-click and select align with marked.

    Suddenly, the left-hand line (TRACE_TEXT BOKAP413-MEDDELANDETEXT [2,7] ! !)

    is pushed down so it isn't aligned with the right-hand line.

    This seems incorrect to me, or ......... ?????

    I'll send the files offline, since they were too large to upload
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    You are telling BC3 to align a block of text on the left with a single line on the right.
    To align the block of text on the left with a specific block of text on the right, left-click and drag on the right side to exactly define the block of text to align with.
    BC v4.0.7 build 19761


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      So you're saying

      that if I have (say) 100 lines of text on the right, and I want to align these 100 lines starting at a specific line on the left, I have to mark exactly 100 lines on the left.

      If that's correct, it's not exactly user-friendly if you ask me. Logically (?), if I mark a block of lines on one side and select align, then select one line on the other side, I'm saying align all these marked lines starting at the single line I marked on the other side.


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        Hello Michael,

        I checked the behaviour and suspect that BC automatically aligns a matching line in the left block to the right line. After this isolated lines can remain above and under the matching line.

        The behaviour seems to depend on the Text Compare/Session Settings/Alignment settings. If set to "Unaligned" a blocks first line is aligned with the selected line on the other side.

        Greetings Lutz
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          Thanks Lutz

          That seemed to be the setting I needed - once I clicked on it, the lines lined up automatically/correctly (or rather, as I wanted them to look)