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Is there a way to disable a session ?

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  • Is there a way to disable a session ?

    Just wondering if you can disable/enable a session so it dosn't open up when you click Open Sessions under a folder ?

    I know I'm being lazy but I'd find it quite useful to be able to turn off some of the sessions that I have under a folder so that I'm not wasting time checking sessions I don't always want to sync.

    Great software by the way, after only a couple of weeks I'm wondering how I managed without it.


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    Our Open Session dialog takes you back to the Home screen and lists all of your available sessions. Which criteria did you wish to use to hide certain sessions for certain times? You could just place sessions in one of two subfolders: Common and Uncommon. Then organize each subfolder as you wish, possibly with additional subfolders (Sync tasks). Leaving Uncommon collapsed will then hide those from view.
    Aaron P Scooter Software


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      Thanks, I see what you mean, and it will work.
      However, I just thought a quick toggle button (like the Lock button) to enable or disable a sesion might be a neater way of doing it.
      For example, if you have a folder for one project which contains multiple sessions, then as the project progresses, just turn off the sync's you don't want to keep up to date as often as the stuff you are currently working on.


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        I am not sure if this will meet your needs, but are you looking to open all "needed" syncs at once? If so you could use Workspaces (under the Sessions menu), and Save/Load a different workspace based on what you currently need to sync. A workspace will save various information such as Window position, open tabs, open sessions, etc.

        Alternatively, if you store sessions in a specific folder, you can right click that folder and open them all at once.
        Aaron P Scooter Software