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Is there a way to resume a failed file copy?

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  • Is there a way to resume a failed file copy?

    I copy very large files (hundreds of MB up to 8GB) from a remote server over a VPN connection. The VPN connection isn't very reliable and it tends to go down, which interrupts the file copy and I have to start the copy over.

    Is there a way to resume a file copy from where it was interrupted when the network connection went down?

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    Unfortunately we do not support resuming a file transfer at this time. Our FTP transfers can support a limited resume functionality under certain conditions, but if your connection is completely cut or down for a prolonged period of time then we cannot resume there, either.

    One workaround idea would be to use a product such as WinRar to cut your very large files into smaller chunks (8gigs into multiple 500 meg files), so if any one part is interrupted, you can resume sending just that part.
    Aaron P Scooter Software