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Suppress "Folder not available" popup?

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  • Lutz
    Hi Peter,

    suppressing the popup isn't possible.

    How do you save the last used session(s) and restart BC?

    Are you using a workspace and do you call BC without command line options
    or do you call BC with command line options?

    Greetings Lutz

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  • pxstein
    started a topic Suppress "Folder not available" popup?

    Suppress "Folder not available" popup?

    After comparison of two folders I exited BC and deleted one of the directories.

    After a while I restarted (for another comparison task) BC (with preset "folder comparison session) and got at first a "Folder not available" warning popup.
    BC looks for the last used folders and did not found the one deleted folder.

    Presetting the folders is fine in general. But if a last used folder does not exists any more the popup should be suppressed.
    A simple red ball/cross text note is sufficient.

    How can I suppress the popup (for file comparison as well)?