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BC3 sync results differ from windows properties

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  • BC3 sync results differ from windows properties

    Hello. I'm new to BC and to this forum. I'm using BC3 to sync up two picture folders. The left folder is my original pictures folder from the old PC. These files were copied from and external backup drive to the new PC.

    The right view is the target folder on the new PC. I had previously tried a differnet method to migrate\merge, but it would always hang in the process. BC to the rescue?

    The BC sync (left to right) was complete and all of the BC views (sync, mirror, update L&R) show nothing to update. But when I use windows explorer\properties, there's a difference of files. (Left 6,350 files to the right's 6,259)

    The only color difference is grey, which I believe is attributed to the folder creation dates. Which is fine.

    Any ideas how to get them to show the same # of files and give me a comfort level before I delete the old "left" folder?

    Please advise. Thank you.

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    Open the comparision in a Folder Compare session and disable exluding OS files by unchecking

    Session/Session Settings.../Other Filters tab/DOS attributes/Exlude protected operation system files checkbox.

    Using View/Show Differences should present you any system files like thumbs.db, desktop.ini, ... on the left. If there are no others you can delete your old stuff.

    Greetings Lutz


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      If Lutz's suggestion does not reveal the hidden difference in the number of files, please try using the Suppress Filters toggle in the toolbar. When enabled, this should show all hidden files in a Teal color.
      Aaron P Scooter Software


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        Hi guys and thanks for the tips. Using Lutz' tips, I was able to reveal a bunch of files. I was able to get the difference down to 5 files. I'm still not sure why. But the fact that the difference are those info files, satisfy's my quest. I'll proceed to delete the old directories.

        And note to Aaron, I also did what you suggested and every single folder, in both the left and right panes, show up teal. If I click suppress filters again (off?), every folder dissappears.

        okay..good night and thanks to you both. I appreciate it..


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          Your current combination of Display Filters, Folder view, Name Filters, and Other Filters, must be hiding those folders. One possibility: if you have Compare Only Files enabled, and the folders are 'empty' they would be hidden from view. Suppress Filters will show any hidden items.
          Aaron P Scooter Software