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  • Wow... That's not nice!

    I got an email from support asking me if I had the latest XML Sort file format plug-ins from the Web Site. I was pretty sure I did, but re-downloaded them just in case. When I went to apply them, I saw a little checkbox that said:

    [ ] Delete all existing file formats

    Well, of course, I did want to delete/replace all of the existing alternate file formats that I applied last week, so I checked the checkbox. Boy was I surprised to find ALL of my built-in-from-day-1 file formats gone, not just all the existing ones that I was updating. May I suggest that this checkbox is dangerous and that it was irresponsible of Team Scooter to implement such a destructive option without a more obvious/urgent warning to the user. I'm not a happy camper!
    BC v4.0.7 build 19761

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    And then, on top of that, the "Factory Defaults" button isn't available to restore the factory default file formats? What's with that?

    And an uninstall, reboot, reinstall doesn't put the factory defaults back in place even if there aren't any file formats loaded on my system? Come on, I think the installer should be able to figure out that a user with zero file formats should have the default ones installed again without the user having to figure out what configuration file they have to delete before re-installing again.

    Fortunately I've been around long enough to know where to look. I renamed my backup and am good to go:

    C:\Documents and Settings\michael.bulgrien\Application Data\Scooter Software\Beyond Compare 3\BCFileFormats.xml.bak
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    BC v4.0.7 build 19761


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      Hello Michael,

      Sorry you ran into some trouble there. That option is intended to make reimporting your settings quicker and easier on a new install. The option does not have a very large warning, but it is descriptive. It is also something we've had since BC2, so the current behavior has been around for awhile. I'll make a recommendation about adding a pop-up or additional warning if the user checks it.

      I'll also make a Wishlist entry for expanding the Factory Defaults behavior. That button works on the current selection, and your default Session Types were still at their default settings, which is why it was grayed out.
      Aaron P Scooter Software