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How to compare permission for both file servers?

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  • How to compare permission for both file servers?


    We are migrating the files and folders from one file server to another file server. How do we compare the ACL permission when we copy the files using Beyond Compare to make sure that both ACL permission are the same?

    I cannot find the features in Beyond Compare for comparing ACL Permission.


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    Beyond Compare doesn't provide a way to compare ACLs.

    Beyond Compare doesn't preserve ACLs by default when you copy files. To make it preserve permissions that are explicitly set on the files and folders being copied, select "Session > Session Settings". Go to the "Handling" tab. Check "Copy NTFS file permissions (requires admin rights)".

    Note that this option will not copy permissions that are inherited from parent folders that are not part of the copy.

    Comparison of ACLs is on our wish list for a future version of Beyond Compare.

    As a workaround to compare ACLs, you can use the Windows command line program ICACLS to dump a list of ACLs to a text file, then compare the text files in BC3's Text Compare.

    To dump all of the ACLs of a folder and it's subfolders to a text file, use the command:
    icacls foldername /save foldername_acls.txt /T
    Chris K Scooter Software