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Save and restore "Session snapshot"

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  • Aaron

    We do not currently support saving a session as a file outside of the Tools -> Export command as you have mentioned. I'll add your notes to our Customer Wishlist.

    Another workaround would be to use a Portable Install associated with a specific overall project. A portable install would have a set of self contained settings.

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  • knut
    started a topic Save and restore "Session snapshot"

    Save and restore "Session snapshot"


    is there an easy way to save the actual session to a local file and restore it later?

    A little example:

    I have a project and have to compare some results. I have two file and prepare the comparison with complex replacements.

    What I want:
    1. Call "Save Session Snapshot"
    2. Save the session settings in my project folder (file-extension bcsss or similar)
    3. Stop my work. Close BC3...
    4. Later (sometimes a year later) I can reopen my session with a doubleclick on the bcsss-file. I can continue the comparison.

    My "Save Session Snapshot" could also be integrated in the "Save Session As"-command (instead "Create in" also the possibility to "Save to local File")

    What I have to do now to get a similar solution:
    1. "Save Session As": Save the session BC3 internal
    2. Tools->Export Session
    3. Unmark all, select "Sessions"
    4. Unmark all
    5. Search my Session and mark it
    6. Finish (Save BCSessions.bcpkg to my project folder)
    7. Delete the session
    8. Stop my work. Close BC3...
    9. Doubleclick on BCSessions.bcpkg
    10. Import session
    11. Select session, continue my work.

    What I do really:
    1. "Save Session As"
    2. Create new Subfolder 'Projects/Project XX'
    3. Save my session for later use.

    I have a lot of this file specific sessions (most of the time, they are one-time actions).
    If I want to restore such a session, I must remember, that I did the comparison already - and I have to find it. When I would have a 'bcsss'-file in my project directory, I would see: There was already a comparison.

    When my 'project' is finished I delete (or archive) the project folder - but the BC3-session still exists.

    If I continue my work on another PC, I must transfer my sessions to the other PC in advance.

    Or is there already such a "Session Snapshot"?