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FolderSync after rename/relocation on source drive

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  • FolderSync after rename/relocation on source drive

    The following has been puzzling me for already quite a long time. Sofar I managed to solve this using explorer and whatever workarounds.

    Start situation that a specific rootfolder (with many subfolders) on both the source drive and the destination drive(backup) are the identical.

    Now I start re-organizing things in the rootfolder on the sourcedrive.
    Move folders to another subfolder;
    Move single files from folder x into folder y;
    Rename files, etc.

    Once I run synchronize, obviously a lot of folders on the destination drive
    donot exist on the sourcedrive.

    What I would like is that - during the sync from source to destination only (i.e. not both ways)
    Beyond Compare to:
    - compares files (source vs on basis of MD5
    - copy new folders/files from Source to destination
    - on the destination drive: to delete files (and folders) that on the source drive obviously have been relocated/renamed

    Would this be possible ?


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    Alignment based on other criteria, such as md5, is on our Customer Wishlist. In the current version of BC3, at least the file name needs to match (or be overridden with Alignment Overrides.)

    The Folder Structure can be ignored using the Ignore Folder Structure option. This assumes files have unique names within the base folder; two files with the same name in different subfolders may not align as you expect.

    You can delete files on the destination drive by using a Sync Mirror command. The Sync mirror will make the Destinaiton drive equal to the Source drive, copying any files that are Newer, Older, Different, or Orphan. It will also delete any Orphans in the destination (as they are no longer present in the Source.) Please note that sync operations are **NOT** undo-able, so please test with already backed up or test data while you try out the mirror command. Using this command also assumes that the data is aligning as you expect, and if the majority of content is renamed, there will be a lot of extra copying and deleting in order to bring the Destination folder in line with the Source.
    Aaron P Scooter Software