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Sync does not retain original timestamps when copying files ?

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  • Sync does not retain original timestamps when copying files ?

    I have noticed that sync timestamps all files on the right (target) with current date/time. Is there a way to force it to use the ORIGINAL timestamp ? Otherwise the next time I run the same script, it will copy the same files all over again, since it is not affecting the files on the left (source).

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    Beyond Compare normally tries to keep the timestamp if able. Are you syncing to an FTP? Some FTP servers do not support keeping the timestamp during the initial transfer.

    Are you using the latest version of BC3 (3.2.4 currently)?
    Does the Touch command work to set the timestamps manually after a transfer? You can select files, right-click, and then Touch to manually set timestamps equal to the other side. You can perform a content comparison, such as a Binary or CRC scan, first to make sure you are only touching content equal files.

    Update: we also have a method of setting the timestamp to be equal to the transferred file's new timestamp. This will keep the timestamps equal for the sake of comparison and future syncs, but updates both sides to the newer/sync time timestamp. This option is in the Session Settings, Handling tab.
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      Not ftp, local filesystem, though I am ultimately trying to sync out to a USB drive, though the behavior is the same. This is Ubuntu, sorry should have mentioned that, and it is indeed 3.2.4.

      Using the touch solution, after the sync I would reload the comparison and perform the touch, correct ?

      You said "Beyond Compare normally tries to keep the timestamp if able. " Under what circumstance ? It appears that by default BC is not retaining the original timestamps.



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        OK, further clarification. My issue is when syncing via script, when I sync via the GUI it behaves as expected, retaining the source timestamps. Should I be seeing this difference ?


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          No. Script and the GUI should behave similarly. Would you be able to email us at [email protected]:
          1) Your from the Help menu -> Support; Export
          2) Your Script.txt as a file attachment
          3) A link back to this forum post in the email for reference.
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            File copy also does not retain original timestamp.

            I very frequently use Folder View to copy files to an external drive for backup and to retain the prior version of any file. When I do this, I need to retain the original timestamp to indicate when the file was last modified. Unfortunately, BC3.2.4 stores the current time, which forces me to use touch to correct the problem. This happens all the time and it is troublesome. For my purposes, the preferred behavior would be for the copy function to copy the file with all of its vital attributes including the timestamp. I use Windows 7 Ultimate (64bit) with SP 1.


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              BC3 uses the same copy method as Windows Explorer and is capable of preserving the Last Modified timestamps. Some destination devices behave differently and set the time to the current time of transfer.

              If you copy with Windows Explorer or My Computer instead of BC3, do you see the timestamp is also updated? Is your external drive connected over USB or is it on your network (NAS) device?
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