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Synchronisation: How to delete files of a specific name pattern automatically?

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  • Synchronisation: How to delete files of a specific name pattern automatically?

    I use the character "+" as prefix to mark (for myself) files or folders as "should not stay on the server permanently, it's character is volatile, they are sketches, examples".

    These files or folders are right in the middle of the structure of my files.

    Of course there are other ways to mark such files inside the names. May be with a postfix:

    But I prefer the prefix "+".

    Sometimes I upload some of these files for a friend.

    When I synchronize, they should be deleted.

    But how can I configure BC in a way, that it will delete those files automatically?

    To exclude files/folders of that pattern inside the filter configuration does not solve the task, of course.

    Thanks for your help.

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    We do not have a method of deleting the + or _tmp files automatically, but we do have a two step manual process.

    Go to the Tools menu -> Options, Folder Views section. In the Name filter presets, add a New preset. Name is something like "My Temporary Files", and apply the mask: +*.*;*_tmp.*

    Click Ok.

    Now in a Folder Compare session, the filter dropdown will have a My Temporary Files mask, which you can quickly apply and find all your files. You can then issue an Edit menu -> Expand All command, Edit menu -> Select All Files command to select all of these files. They can be deleted, copied, renamed. etc.
    Aaron P Scooter Software


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      Hi Aaron.

      Thanks for your helpful answer.

      The described procedure works fine.

      Sorry, that I couldn't reply earlier.