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Feature request: Firefox bookmark compare

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  • Feature request: Firefox bookmark compare

    There are a lot of Firefox extensions for synchronizing bookmarks on multiple computers. However, they all assume users want all bookmarks synchronized. In the same way that Beyond Compare compares nested folders and files, I would like to compare and selectively copy Firefox bookmarks, which are organized into nested folders. I only want to compare/update two Firefox bookmark files on the same computer -- no need for comparing across the internet.

    This feature would open a new market of millions of users to Beyond Compare. Confirm at the following site that no one is doing something like this:

    Firefox stores bookmarks in a file called places.sqlite. See

    Documentation on the SQLite format is available here:

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    Bookmark syncing is on our wish list to be considered for a future release. It isn't on our development schedule for the near future.
    Chris K Scooter Software


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      Can't you just export the bookmarks to a single HTML file, and then compare those? I'm guessing you can even edit and then reimport back into Firefox.

      I haven't used Firefox for many years (moved onto better browsers like Opera), but i'm sure you used to be able to do this in Firefox..