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Tabs above ToolBar. By Design ?

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  • Tabs above ToolBar. By Design ?

    Dear Sir,

    I downloaded the version 3.3 beta today. noticed that Tabs are above ToolBars. Is it by Design. I thought, generally we expect tool bars to be positioned just below menu and above Tabs.

    Secondly, in customise commands there are two separate commands : "Move to side" and "Move to other side". Can you please guide what is the difference between them. "Move to other side" does not seem to have any icon associated with it, still there is option to "show command on tool bar"; and if we select so, it takes icon of "Move to side" while being visible on toolbar.

    Further, in "customise commands "there are various commands like "Save Snapshot" that have icons assiciated with them, still they can not be Shown on toolbar. Can you please guide what are the general rules for commands having option to be visible on toolbar.

    With regards


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    The toolbar-settings of the 10 session types are session type-specific. If placed above the tabs-row the tabs-row would jump up and down if an open session has multi-row toolbars.

    The "Copy/Move to ..." commands are depending from the current selection:
    [FONT=Courier New]none      : all disabled
    left only :  <- disabled*, <other> changed to   ->   (the only other side)
    both sides:                <other> changed to <side> (both are other side)
    right only:  -> disabled*,[/FONT][FONT=Courier New] <other> changed to   <-   (the only other side)[/FONT]
    *) @scooter: move to ... are not disabled but open move to side dialog

    The benefit of this aren't the toolbar buttons but the possible keyboard shortcuts i. e. <Ctrl>-C = Copy to other side can immediately copy a left/right only selection to the other side and open the copy to side dialog if both sides are selected.

    Commands that can't be shown as toolbar buttons don't fit to any of the up to five predefined toolbars and haven't had enough user requests for that (but user defined toolbars are already on the famous wishlist and I hope then we can place any command there). Nevertheless the icons shown in Customize Commands are visible in the menu (i. e. Tools/Save Snapshot...).

    Greetings Lutz


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