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Problem with "ignored" parts"

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  • Problem with "ignored" parts"

    Hi to all

    I have a large numbers of files and directories to compare (in PHP language).

    My question is the following.
    I will need much more than one day to complete this task. Problem is that "Ignored" parts of the code are not saved in beyond compare sessions. And when I open the session a new time. Files appears to be different with "ignored" parts as Beyond Compare still consider them. So it's not really easy to be sure than no files have been forgotten.

    Is it possible to save "Ignored" parts? I wish those parts to be ignored for the next comparison.

    For example, two files are similar, but the second one has an "Ignored" part, Beyond Compare will always "tells" me those files are different.

    English is not my native language, so I hope you've understood then meaning of my question.

    Thanks a lot for support,

    See you

    Rémi ;-)

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    Hello Remi,

    I replied to your email earlier. You will want to use "Unimportant" to remember. "Ignored" will not be remembered.

    We have an article and video available here:

    1) Edit/Define a PHP file format. You can download a PHP file format here:

    2) Edit the Session Defaults to remember the unimportant changes. This can be done on the Home screen (first boot screen) in the Saved Sessions List. Expand the green Edit session defaults folder, select Text Compare, and uncheck the PHP grammar items you want to be unimportant.
    Aaron P Scooter Software


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      Hi Aaron,

      Yes thanks a lot. Your hint has been really helpful for me.

      Thanks again to help me how to use this fanstatic software

      See you,

      Rémi ;-)