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  • Folder-report

    Assume I'm comparing folder A with B. In both folders, there is a directory called U06A. Assume I delete a number of files in B\U06A (so these will be synched from A).

    I'm having difficulties in getting the folder-report to actually show that various files have been copied from A to B (the files are being copied - that's not the problem).

    My log results are as follows
    2011-07-28 10:11:16  >> log normal "H:\mash\Synclog.txt"
    2011-07-28 10:11:16  >> load  "c:\A" "H:\B"
    2011-07-28 10:11:16  Load comparison: c:\A <-> H:\B
    2011-07-28 10:11:16  >> folder-report layout:side-by-side options:display-all output-to:"H:\mash\Folder Report.txt"
    2011-07-28 10:11:16  >> sync update:left->right
    and the results in the folder-report are
    M18A                   2011-07-27 09:58:06   M18A                   2011-07-28 08:33:55
    M18G                   2011-07-27 09:58:07   M18G                   2011-07-28 08:33:56
    M18X                   2011-07-27 09:58:07   M18X                   2011-07-28 08:33:56
    U06A                   2011-07-27 12:06:54   U06A                   2011-07-28 10:11:01
    W22A                   2011-07-27 10:24:58   W22A                   2011-07-28 08:34:46
    W60A                   2011-07-27 11:49:06   W60A                   2011-07-28 08:34:50
    What I'm after is something to indicate that U06A had items copied from A to B. Is there any way of doing this (the line starting with U06A doesn't really indicate in any way that anything was copied)

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    The Folder-Report only reports at a specific moment in time, of the current comparison between two folders. It does not have a method of indicating which files were copied and when. If you Expand All folders before generating your report, it should show the folder contents in the report as well, so you can verify the files that exist on both sides.

    You can also enable more verbose logging in BC3 to show the file copies. Go to the Tools menu -> Options dialog, Folder Views: Log section. Here you can enable additional information such as Operation details for more detailed logging, which does show which files were copied.
    Aaron P Scooter Software


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      One comment/one enhancement reques (I think)

      Thanks for the reply. I was running the following script
      load  "F:" "C:\F-Drive"
      folder-report layout:side-by-side options:display-all output-to:"C:\temp\Folder Report.txt"
      sync mirror:left->right
      and I was a bit surprised to see how little was copied. It then tuned out that I had to change the load command to
      load  "F:[B]\[/B]" "C:\F-Drive"
      for the whole F-drive to be copied.

      That was my comment - now my enhancement request. I changed the settings in BC as you indicated above. What I then saw in the folder report is shown in the attached capture. folder_report2 shows what is confusing me and what I think might be a useful enhancement


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        The >>, << symbols do not define which files have been copied. Those symbols show which has a Newer or Older status (assuming timestamps are compared.)

        The Log is the only method of showing which files are copied; Reports are only used for a specific comparison, much like viewing the files in the graphical interface.
        Aaron P Scooter Software