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How to compare compiled ASP.NET code in BC3, if possible at all??

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  • How to compare compiled ASP.NET code in BC3, if possible at all??

    Hi All,

    I am new here so hi.

    I use BC3 extensively to manage my source ASP.NET code on my dev and test servers. However my production server has precompiled ASP.NET code for security and performance reasons. I have a seperate Live Source folder which I compare with my Test source folder, and all is fine. I then compile this live source folder into a build folder. What I would really like to do is to compare this build folder with the online build folder to see the differences which I can do easily with the source code, and then copy the different files. However this is not possible as far as I know.... or is it??? One of the main problems is theat Visual Studio recompiles the whole projects so all files have changed, certainly by "date", although the contents may be the same.



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    If the content is still the same text, you can enable a Rules-based comparison in the Folder Compare's Session menu -> Session Settings, Comparison tab (leave the other checkboxes at their defaults.)

    A Rules-based compare will look at the text within each file (assuming that the default session type used is a Text Compare.) It is like double clicking, viewing the files with the default compare settings, and then returning those results to the parent Folder Compare.

    Do your pre-compiled files have the same text contents as your local files? When you double click an aligned pair, does the Text Compare show you expected results? If not, you may be able to run an external conversion that allows you to view them, such as the example we have here for Java Class files (decompiles them back into source):
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