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Possible to create FTP-like addin?

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  • Aaron
    BC3 can be extended with external conversions, Open With, or plug-ins.

    Our External Conversions trigger a command line when you open a specific file extension,

    Our plug-ins are a fully customized file viewer built from the ground up. We do not have a plug-in interface for the Folder Compare. If you would like more information on plug-ins, please email us at [email protected] and include a link to this forum thread for our reference.

    Our Open With can pass a file, folder, or multiple files and folders (as a selection) to a command line application. They are customized in the Tools menu -> Open With section. Is this the type of functionality you are looking for?

    If the Text Compare could be used to present your list of psuedo files, you could try to generate a text compare between a generated list of files and a generated pseudo-list using an Open With that calls back to BC3 after populating temp files.

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  • JimW
    started a topic Possible to create FTP-like addin?

    Possible to create FTP-like addin?

    I wrote a file converter to compare and update text files we store in a database with those in another database, or local files. That works fine, but I have to have a file that matches the row in the database. Is there a way to hook into the folder view to supply it with a list of "pseudo-files"? Kind of the way FTP points to a different source for the files.

    Is the file converter the only way to extend BC?