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Delete left and right in Folder Compare

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  • Delete left and right in Folder Compare


    Tried this a few times, but it does not work. . .

    In Foldercompare, I want to delete folders left and right, same folder-name. Simply don't need them anymore.

    I would select both left and right - click on delete, I get this delete pop-up window.

    Left/Right are selected (1 folder/1 folder),
    "Use recycle bin if possible" is not tagged,
    There are no hidden items.

    Press on delete.

    Nothing happens.
    Even after rescanning folders are still there.

    Any suggestions ?

    Wud be happy if this works.
    v.3.2.4 (I have not seen any fix in the logfile of the recent version)


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    On the Delete dialog, you should see a set of new options to "Include hidden items in operation" and a Peek button to preview what those items are. If these options are present, it means that you currently have some filtered/hidden items in that folder.

    An option was added in BC 3.2.2 to "Exclude protected operating system files." You can toggle this option off to show everything, in the Session menu -> Session Settings, Other Filters, DOS Attributes: disable "Exclude protected operating system files." Or you can use the Suppress Filters toggle to show the items and then delete the folder.
    Aaron P Scooter Software


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      Hello again,
      Sorry, I am unsure what you mean. You mean to say that the folders are not deleted because they include hidden items ?

      You mean hidden with the H-attribute ?

      In below example neither on my Z or K drive they have a hidden attribute.

      Or you mean something else ?

      Thanks again


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        Later.. I got it ..
        Hidden in a way that the folder is not expanded ... (files were not displayed). Because the files were not displayed, they were 'hidden'.
        Thought I ran into a bug

        tagged incl hidden, matter solved.


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          Not expanding the folder should not be the cause. Even if a folder is unscanned (due to being a top level folder, or other configurable options), the Delete dialog will scan it. The items likely have another Filter hiding them from view. This can be a display filter, file name filter, or any of the other filters.
          Aaron P Scooter Software


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            Well, I don't know. Maybe you wish to give it a try yourself.

            I just did the following:
            - created a folder in a \temp
            - dumped some jpg's in there
            - copied the folder to another subfolder (\downloads)
            - rmb click on \temp first one (left)
            - rmb click on \downloads to be the 2nd one (right)

            CTRL (or shift) select both files, hit DEL

            See printscreen.


            As said, I will tag incl. hidden - this solves the 'issue'



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              Later ... Nów I really got lost...

              Those two folders (with 'hidden' objects), I copied(!) them to a different partitition. The idea was to record my actions and post them.

              Now, for Beyond Compare those folders suddenly donot contain hidden items anymore. This truly beats me!
              I copied them back over to my 'working' drive to see what happens.
              No hidden items.
              I created two new folders - copied the same stuff into them as earlier today. This time, contrary to earlier session, no hidden items.

              Ah .. whilst writing, I just rmember, the ONLY thing is:
              I updated my version of BC3. Wud that be making any difference?

              All in all: it is a mistory.
              Let's close this case ...

              Thanks for the patience!


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                Well, it is always good to be running the latest version of BC3, which will have various fixes and enhancements.

                Is it possible you had a filter set before, but then used a new session after updating? Remember, the filter could be a Display Filter, Name Filter, or Other Filter. From your screenshot, it does not look like a Display or Name Filter, but the Other Filter tab has a few sub items to review.
                Aaron P Scooter Software