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Select All Left, All Right? or Extra delete confirmation option?

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  • Select All Left, All Right? or Extra delete confirmation option?

    I know - this may sound pretty excessive but there have been more times than I care to want to admit where I'm cleaning a system that has 1 or more duplicate folders/files and in the process of reviewing, comparing and deleting many folders, subfolders and changing different locations for the next set of duplicated info I occasionally end up in 'automaton brain fog' mode and see the confirmation dialog showing me what's going to be deleted on both sides (and in these cases I have managed to select both sides) and being repetitive and in brain fog I too quickly end up clicking 'Delete'.

    And then I watch with a sinking feeling files/folders on both sides just go away. This is expecially painful when the items on one (or both sides) are the last/only instances around.

    I suppose I could take my own action and when I know I'm doing this sort of activity set BC to use the recycle bin. Then I could recover. [probably my best option and what I should do]

    I know - I should (and usually do) have backups - but that's a pain (but a lifesaver) if I've been doing a lot of cleanup and need to go back to some point in time that represents a bit of cleanup work/syncing already done on several folders.

    However ...

    I was wondering about two things which I can't seem to find ... please help me find them if they exist as I've failed to find them:

    1) A 'Select All Left Side Only' and 'Select All Right Side Only'

    This would be huge! I could have sworn I have seen and used this before but perhaps older version or maybe I really only used the 'Newer' and 'Orphans' left / right side only selection. I'm looking for an 'All Left' and 'All Right'.

    If not a feature or command option to add - then I would love to have this be a request. Usually when I'm doing the above type of activity I am conscience of knowing I want to do just that sort of selection to help avoid the problem I get myself into.


    2) Sounds a bit obessive, but an option (turned off by default because it would drive 99% of the people crazy) that when items are about to be deleted and BC knows that one or more of them (files/folders) are the same ... to have a *second* "Are you sure? There are items that are the same on both sides and BOTH sides will be deleted for those items! To proceed click OK otherwise Cancel."

    For me - I would probably turn that option on. And most definitely when doing work like I mentioned above (consolidating, merging data/files/folders from multiple locations to one definitive location.)


    - David

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    Originally posted by davidi View Post
    1) A 'Select All Left Side Only' and 'Select All Right Side Only'
    Hi Davidi,

    Regarding the first Item, I agree 100% that it would be nice to have more built-in select options rather than requiring users to learn some work-around they can use to accomplish what should be an easy straight-forward task.

    I've suggested that a dedicated "Selection" drop-down menu would be a perfect way to provide such to users without cluttering the current menu structure. All of the following posts speak to a desire for such specialized selection activity in one way or another:

    This is one area in which Team Scooter has remained strangely quiet over the years.

    That being said, the "work-around" is to Select All, then shift the selection to one side or the other as follows:

    Originally posted by Tim View Post
    It's a bit obscure but there's a way to shift a selection to one side or the other. Hold the Shift key down and press Left Arrow or Right Arrow to "move" the selection left or right.
    BC v4.0.7 build 19761


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      For the explicit delete, we actually have that option in the Tweaks dialog:
      Ctrl+Shift+T, Folder Views tab, "Require explicit side selection in Delete dialog"

      This will require you to pick your side each time.

      As for Side Specific selection, this is something on our Customer Wishlist (from Michael's earlier suggestions and his workaround is accurate. A combination of Display Filters, Expand All, Select All (or Select All Files), and then Shift+Arrow Keys to select a specific side of files.
      Aaron P Scooter Software


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        Michael & Aaron,

        Thanks for your info. Both are helpful and provide me with options I can really use.

        - David