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[Bug] How to lock up Cirrus

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  • [Bug] How to lock up Cirrus

    I just set up a pair of sessions (mine usually come in pairs: one local WC <-> Upload (mirror of remote), and one Upload <-> (S)FTP remote site).

    Now, I'm still unhappy with the tab interface and that starting a session from the "home" tab doesn't actually open in a new tab... and what I really want to do in this case is open both new sessions at once, but I can't do that either. So I have to:[list=1][*]open a session[*]since "home" has disappeared now, open a new tab with "home" (Ctrl+T)[*]select the next session on the new tab and open that[list]
    Of course, since I really wanted to open both sessions, I'm trying to go through the above sequence as fast as I can... so as soon as the first session appears (and starts its comparison) I hit Ctrl+T ... and nothing happens - except I see a "background busy" cursor.

    It seems to have stopped Cirrus dead. Process Explorer shows it got as far as opening a file in a directory in the first session, and no CPU activity at all. I tried suspending and then resuming it from Process Explorer (something that sometimes "wakes up" programs) but no joy. The only thing left is to forcefully close it (trying to close it brings up a "this program is not responding" dialog).
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    Thanks for the bug report. I have gotten this to reproduce, but it is not consistant. Which type of Comparison is loaded by default for you? How often can you trigger it? Does it happen more often with a certain type of session?
    Aaron P Scooter Software


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      Hmm - I've seen it only once so far. First opened was the "local" <-> Upload (mirror) session so FTP was not involved when I hit the Ctrl+T. Just an ordinary Folder compare for two (sub)folders on the same logical drive.

      I'll watch if it's reproducible (on purpose or by accident ).


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        And another way...

        Here's another way to lock up Cirrus - I was going to look up one image for my Picture compare bug report... I have a session set up for a combo of subdirectories - to get at the image I have to move up a couple of steps. So, I start the session, click the "double up" icon, and immediately once again (not a double click, just click, and click again).

        And it locks up (well... see later) with a curious error message - see screenshot. And all while I make the screenshot, find my browser window with the Cirrus forum tab, and type the above paragraphs, Cirrus stays locked up ... until just now it suddenly wakes up and furiously starts retrieving files, after all.

        Do note that I was just navigating to the same directory ("up" from the session) I had been using before - without noticing any problem. If such an error message was there before it must have quickly scrolled off, and only become visible now because my slightly faster "up-clicking" caused it to lock up - even if only temporarily.

        (I'm not doing these things on purpose, honest! I don't have to test, I just bump into things...)


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          Is this (cirrus temporary lock up when 'double'-clicking Double Up) reproducible on your machine?

          When you are navigating up, are there any files on the ftp sites that have particularly long file names, or a long directory path (all of the names together), or a combination?

          Which OS does the ftp run on?
          Aaron P Scooter Software