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  • Can't change search settings

    i'm running the latest version of bc3 on windows xp, and i'm trying to set up a folder compare between a mapped drive and a usb drive. whenever i change any of the settings to a new (or saved) search, however, all the buttons on the left gray out, and i have no way to continue the compare.

    does anyone know what might cause this behavior, and possibly how i can remedy it?

    thanks in advance

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    If you are on the Home screen (first screen), and have made a change to one of the saved sessions in the Saved Sessions list, you must apply and "Save" or "Cancel" the change before replacing the current screen with a New Compare session (the left buttons.)

    The Save button is near the bottom, below the Session Settings on the right. Please drag the window slightly larger if you do not see it. If you are running a particularly small resolution, you may need to hide your start bar. You can also just hit the Enter key after making a change to commit it.
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