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    Hi. I was trying to automate using the command line reference. i got it right. but i was not able to save the report compared. Kindly help me to save the report in HTML format output .Thanks

    taskkill /F /IM BCompare.exe
    cd C:\Program Files\Beyond Compare 3
    BCompare.exe %1 %2 /silent /fv="Data Compare"

    Kindly help me through as soon as possible.

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    Hello raman,

    looking an the command line reference was a good starting point, but for generating reports in an automated way you should take a look at the Scripting Reference in the BC-Helpfile (F1) or in the online help ( ).

    Using a script you will no longer need that taskkill command.
    The command you should use for a file-compare-report is named "FILE-REPORT".

    Hope this helps ...



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      Thanks, Christoph.

      More specifically, file-report is the script command to generate the auto-detected report (data if files open in the data-compare, text if in the text-compare, etc.) If you would like to force a specific report type, you'll want to use the specific command, such as data-report.

      The Help file also has a section "Using Beyond Compare" -> "Automating with Script" which you will probably find useful.
      Aaron P Scooter Software


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        Thanks for the Reply

        I was not able to work on this for a while so i was not able to reply you guys. Thanks a lot guys i would try both of your replies and let you know. Thanks a lot for your reply.