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BC2 vs BC3. BC3 issues with Data View

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  • BC2 vs BC3. BC3 issues with Data View

    I have just now upgraded to BC3 Pro and I can no longer perform a data comparison on 2 html files like I used to with BC2.

    With BC2, after selecting 2 files in explorer, I selected Data compare and then the HTML files were seperated into columns and all worked great.

    With BC3 I get no option. I have to click on Data Compare in GUI after files were opened. The data is no longer extracted. HTML tables are detected and the data is not organised at all.

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    HTML Tables is an Alternative file format available for download here:

    Once installed, the topmost in the Tools menu -> File Formats dialog is the one used automatically when double clicking files. You may want to still have the default HTML format (Text Compare session type: White paper icon) set as above the Data Compare (gold icon) rule. To do so, select the Data Compare HTML Tables format, and use the down arrows to move it lower in the list until it is below the default HTML format.
    Aaron P Scooter Software


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      I have installed and played with the file formats moving HTML tables and HTML in different positions but I am not getting the same output as BC2. In BC2 it would display the data in the tables only.

      Gold HTML tables file format or the HTML format does not do this.


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        Hello Marius,

        Could you email us at [email protected] with:
        1) Your BC2 (from the Help menu -> Support; Export)
        2) Your BC3 (from the Help menu -> Support; Export)
        3) A link back to this forum thread for our reference

        This way, we can quickly analyze the difference between your BC2 and BC3 setup. A screenshot of the 'expected' result in BC2 may also help.
        Aaron P Scooter Software