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What's the difference between a per-seat license and a per-user license?

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  • What's the difference between a per-seat license and a per-user license?

    plz tell me...

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    From Beyond Compare 3's license agreement (

    Each user of the total quantity may be either (a) a person who has access to the Software on any number of computers, or (b) a computer on which the Software will be installed for use by any number of persons, one at a time, while physically present at the computer.

    As an example, if you purchase a 5 user license, there are two ways you can count the license:

    a) 5 employees can use Beyond Compare on any number of computers.

    b) Install Beyond Compare on 5 computers and any number of employees can use it on those computers, as long as the employee is sitting at the computer. This means servers that allow simultaneous users or remote employees can't be counted this way.
    Chris K Scooter Software


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      I try to purchase online. Your price description is for "per seat"("Beyond Compare 3 for Windows, Pro Edition, per seat"), and I do not find this term in your license agreement, so I do not understand my rights clearly. Can I think "per seat" is equal to "per user"?


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        Sorry for the confusion. Yes, you can think of "per seat" as the same as "per user".
        Tim T Scooter Software


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          Hello Chris,

          I just went to the purchase page - after my big project that is -, in order to buy, and I've been struck by the same problem. Why put off prospects by that "per seat" thing, not found in your license anyway since your stance on this is without any problem for the user, why not make it "per seat or by person" there?

          Going back to that page now in order to further proceed... ;-)