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Problem generating html report using script

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  • Problem generating html report using script

    I’m trying to create a small program which
    - loops through a large batch of folders
    - when it finds a certain folder (defined by a name “Extracted Files” containing 2 files to be compared against eachother (with different names and possibly different format e.g. html vs pdf)
    - it calls “Beyond Compare” to generate an html report

    Problem I’m finding is I can write a batch file which calls “Beyond Compare” and it displays a side by side comparison, but can’t get it to generate the final html report (the equivalent of selecting “Session->Text Compare Report -> Output Options – HTML”.

    The batch file I have that works is:
    cd C:\Program Files (x86)\Beyond Compare 3\
    BCompare File1.pdf File2.pdf

    I’ve tried using the example scripts provided, i.e. saving a script like:

    text-report layout:side-by-side &
    options:ignore-unimportant,display-context &
    output-to:%3 output-options:html-color %1 %2

    and then calling it at the MS-Dos command line e.g.

    BCompare.exe @MyScript.txt MyFile.txt YourFile.txt MyReport.txt

    but it doesn’t seem to generate the “MyReport.txt” file?

    Any feedback would be greatly appreciated.

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    If your reports have spaces in the name, you will want to surround the command line parameters with quotes. Also, it looks like your script is generating an HTML report, so you will want to define an HTML file as output.

    bcompare.exe "@C:\script.txt" "c:\file 1.txt" "c:\file 2.txt" "c:\bcreport.html"

    Does calling this from the command line on a set of example files (perhaps from a simple folder on your desktop) work for you?
    Aaron P Scooter Software


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      Thanks for this suggestion, I haven't had a chance as yet to test this but will asap and let you know how it goes.


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        Thanks - this now works ok.