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Suggestion: Compare snapshots within a virtual machine

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  • Suggestion: Compare snapshots within a virtual machine


    As a developer I have come to rely on virtual machines for many aspects of my work. In particular I regularly make use of snapshots and am constantly creating new ones and deleting old ones (I use vmware, but I presume that the snapshot principle is ubiquitous to most of the alternatives).

    So I was thinking what a great feature it would be if BC could analyse selected snapshots and tell me the differences between them. I know I could do this manually by creating .bcss snapshots and comparing those, but a built-in feature would be fantastic.

    What do you think?
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    Hello Des,

    Thanks for the suggestion. Comparing snapshots would be a useful tool and I'll add the suggestion to our Customer Wishlist. It is likely a very large project, and would not be something we could tackle soon. What kind of info were you hoping to compare between two snapshots? A comparison of their file system (C:\ to C:\)?
    Aaron P Scooter Software


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      Yes, ideally it would allow you to select the snapshot and then "mount" its virtual disk filesystem.