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    Although BC has been on my HD for a long time, I'm a novice user. I'm now seriously trying to find my way around what's always looked a rather dauntingly complex UI whenever I start it! So please excuse probably very basic questions:

    1. Are the default settings OK for a 'basic folder compare'? Or must I carefully set up every option? As an end user, not a programmer or techie, suppose I simply want to compare two folders to identify any files with different content. Is there a no-brainer way to achieve that please? (The background is that I'm trying to keep some files on my XP PC in sync with the same files on my iPad and smartphone.)

    2. I thought I'd save my first 'session', which involved using the Action menu. But I'm a bit confused by the apparent inconsistency between Help and the actual menu, as shown in this screenshot:

    Terry, East Grinstead, UK

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    1. BC3 defaults to a timestamp/size comparison. To always compare content:
    From the Home screen, expand the Edit session defaults folder in the Saved Sessions list. Select Folder Compare, and in the Comparison tab, leave the defaults (timestamp, size, override quick tests) but also enable one of the Content Comparisons. I recommend Binary for bit-by-bit, exact matches; CRC for FTPs that support xCRC or archives, and Rules-based if you want to compare the text (like double clicking each file and viewing the differences.)

    This will configure BC3 to always run the content compare, but also use timestamp to determine if files are Newer or Older in status.

    2. The Actions menu is context sensitive. Some commands are not shown unless you are selecting the correct item or combination of items. Set as Base folder will only appear if you have a folder selected, for example.

    Please note that the Session menu -> Session Settings is also heavily context sensitive, and presents entirely different options depending on the currently open Session type.

    These videos may prove useful. Especially Basics and Where Various Options are Set:

    Let us know if you have any questions.
    Aaron P Scooter Software


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      Thanks Aaron, appreciate that very helpful reply.

      Terry, East Grinstead, UK